Best Action movies 2015

The Guardians of the Galaxy

A mysterious globe was stolen by Peter Quill who is an adventurer hunted by all bounty hunters. When he find out the true power of the globe and what threats it poses to complete Galaxy, he ends up in a crumbly alliance with four disparate aliens Rocket, raccoon end shooter, Groot, a humanoid similar to a tree, and the mysterious deadly Gamora and Drax the Destroyer, who dreams of revenge.


X-Men: Days of Future Past

The X-Men Wolverine went into the past to change a major historical event which will change the world of human and mutants. The true action movie and one of the movie I like this year.


The Raid 2

Prohibited under 16 with warning

After a fight in a building full of criminals and madmen, leaving behind heaps of dead bodies of policemen and dangerous mobsters, Rama, young cop Jakarta thought that the life will now be a normal one,  But he was wrong. Mission after mission and on the bottom of the gang war, he will risk his life in a dangerous role game designed to deliver a fatal blow to the empire of crime.


Captain America The Winter Soldier

After the cataclysmic events in New York of The Avengers, Captain America lives normly in Washington, and is trying to acclimate with the modern world. But when a colleague of SHIELD is attacked, Captain finds himself involved in a conspiracy that puts the world in danger. Then the complete movie rotate around this focal point that Captain America is neutralizing the threats.


Edge Of Tomorrow

In the near future, throngs of aliens fought a ferocious battle against the Earth and everyone takes them undefeatable: no army in the world has managed to win over them. The commander William Cage, who has never fought in his life, is sent, without explanation, in what looks like a suicide mission. He was killed instantly and is thrown into a kind of a time loop, in which he fights the same fight again and again.