Best Thriller movies 2014

2014 was not an easy year for lovers of the thriller and perhaps even to those of horror. So this ranking will be characterized by fewer titles than those of past years, because the films deserve to be retrieved are not great in numbers.

The thriller genre mixing with the drama and other genres has managed to innovate and create interesting solutions this year.
The best film arrived at end of the year. The real battle in this ranking was among Gone Girl and The Nightcrawler (The Jackal) that are equivalent and fought for the title of best thriller of the year.


How to Train Your Dragon 2 

The DreamWorks cartoon doesn’t even reach the levels of its predecessor but will not disappoint so much by offering a fine view of a smug smile and satisfaction. The input of the new character of the mother at this stage seems so out of the row. The film still has so much greatness, brainy humor, noble sentimentalities of loyalty and conviction.

Saving Mr. Banks 

The story is funny and somewhat emotional, I am very happy that it is not so much overflowing. We cry and laugh, as Walt Disney want us to.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel makes new center with a light-hearted and irreverent film taken from its comic book, a first episode for yet another saga of success. Starring in space five bizarre heroes. So much irony, and special effects succeeded in creating fun. Two new characters are delivered to the collective imagination: the shameless and speaking Rocket Raccoon and Groot tender tree.


Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey plays a fiercely homophobic cowboy who in the battle to defend the AIDS patient discovered having HIV positive. This performance won the Oscar



It is the most amazing film of the year.  There is only one actor on stage and the set is a speeding car in the night. A wonderful Tom Hardy is an ordinary man who becomes contemporary hero. The world of concrete, following his voice, becomes incredibly fascinating.

NB : I have lost the vision of some films that might be valid. As soon as they will recover, if they deserve it, they will be included in the rankings.