How To Create Your Own Virtual Reality Movie

With the increasing popularity of VR or virtual reality gear set, many people are curious about creating their own virtual reality movie. Although YouTube is already accepting 360-degree videos, quality content is said to be in its infancy.

If you are planning to make your own VR movie, there are several things you should take for consideration. At the core VR production, it should focus on actions, characters, locations, emotions, and plot. A good VR movie doesn’t focus on the technology.

Another key point to consider when creating a VR movie is its different kinds. There are two types of videos that are used in VR and these include stereoscopic and monoscopic. The monoscopic videos are usually captured by different lenses facing in various directions and stitched together to make a full 360-degree image. Since there is only one image, you won’t experience depth of field with monoscopic videos.

How To Create Your Own Virtual Reality Movie

In making stereoscopic videos, you will capture slightly offset versions of the image for each eye and play them back side by side. It produces a 3D effect for viewers and a more realistic, immersive VR experience. With that in mind, monoscopic videos are much cheaper to capture. For those who want to experiment, it might be a wise idea to start with a monoscopic video, in which you can use cheap cameras. Aside from that, Facebook and YouTube both accept monoscopic videos and uses may explore what you have captured in such browsers without using a virtual reality headset.

However, you have to take note that there’s a big difference between stereoscopic and monoscopic VR experiences, other only consider stereoscopic to be real VR. As the technology of VR takes off, the utilization of monoscopic video will reduce as many people like the real VR experience.

How Much It Cost to Create a VR Movie?

As with today’s latest technology, the cost to make your own VR movie basically depends on the tools and concept you’re considering. You can consider the most advanced technology to make your VR movie, yet if you are just experimenting and want something that will test your skills in VR production, you may start with cheap tools and equipment first. However, if you have the budget and willing to spend as many as you want just to create the best VR movie, you can use all the best cameras and editing tools available in the market.

Things to Use When Creating VR Movies

There are several things you will be using when creating VR movies. Some of these include cameras like Go Pro and video editing tools for refining every element in your virtual reality movie. If you want a quality VR movie, you may use any tools that would make your VR movie much appealing and attractive.

Creating VR movies can be challenging, especially if it is your first time. However, with the right tools and equipment, you can guarantee that you will be able to create your very own VR movie that you will be proud of!