Top 5 Christmas Movies 2016

The Christmas holidays will never be complete without snuggling on the couch with your family and watching an all-time favorite classic Christmas flick. Below are the top 5 Christmas movies which have stood the test of time and remain as treasured gems until this day and age.

best christmas movies

Home Alone

Home Alone will always top any list of Christmas movies for all the good reasons. In fact, this classic hit is so much loved that you can expect for it to be shown on TV during the Christmas season. Kevin McCallister is the main character in the movie. The 8-year-old’s family forgot him as they fly to Paris. While his family tries all means possible to return to America, burglars try breaking into their house and with much fun and hilarity, Kevin used his skills to fend them off using unique weapons.


The Snowman
This Christmas movie is simple and magical at the same time. It is another top favorite among families because of the magical world where the story takes place and the stunning pictures. On top of that, it makes use of mesmerizing music enough to calm even the most overexcited and hyperactive kids and send them soundly sleeping until Father Christmas comes. It is a movie you’d love to watch on Christmas Eve.


It’s A Wonderful Life
If black and white films are not your thing, It’s A Wonderful Life may not seem that appealing for a Christmas movie. However, a lot of people will agree that this deserves to be included in this list. Although the film failed to make a buzz on its initial release, it has become a timeless piece. The focus of the story is George Bailey, a local business who is shown how life will become if guardian angels don’t exist. The main message of the film is one that everyone should remember on Christmas: is love that makes you richer, not any amount of money or possessions.


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
There are so many reasons why this movie is in this list. For one, it stars Chevy Chase. It also delivers on the slapstick and goofball front like no other movies. In each scene, there is always someone falling through the ceiling, off a roof or setting fire to something in a disastrous but hilarious fashion. As the Griswolds go desperate in making the perfect Christmas for the family, you can share also lots of laughter with your family.

Die Hard
Your eyebrow may raise on this one as Die Hard is far from being using usual Christmas film per se, not to mention that you cannot watch it together with the kids. However, many will agree that it is a great contender in this list, despite the lack of Christmas cheer and the presence of violence and guns. But if you will look closely, there are several strong Christmas themes on this one. Aside from the terrorist clad in Santa suit, you can also see lots of Christmas trees in the middle of the shooting. And on the finale of the movie, good still conquers evil, which must be the ultimate Christmas theme.